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About Jumbled

Jumbled Jewellery is a female owned, handmade jewellery brand based in Melbourne / Naarm, Australia.


Most items are made-to-order so please allow up to 7 days for your order to be shipped after purchase. 
If you need an item urgently by a specific date, please contact us via email or instagram and we can do out best to accommodate your needs. 


We do not issue returns or exchanges. All sales are final.
However, if your item breaks in any way we are happy to repair it free of charge. 


If you are wanting to order a custom piece please reach out to us either via email or instagram.
Your request should include as much detail as possible of what you are wanting (colour, style, aesthetic, length etc.)
Once you contact us we can further discuss exactly what you want.

Item Care 

To ensure longevity of your necklace be sure to avoid ALL contact with water. 
Wearing your necklace in water can strain and stretch the wire overtime which could cause it to eventually break.
It is also best to store your necklace in a safe place because excessive damage to the glass beads can cause them to shatter.